The Less-Stress Website Solution!

A ready-made website that already has EVERYTHING a beauty or spa service provider like yourself needs: a beautiful, professional, fully customizable, sales-driven, multi-service-based site, with built-in pages, newsletter opt-ins, shop, booking page, testimonials, before & after gallery, landing & thank-you pages, SEO and even Facebook tracking pixels!

The ONLY designer website solution created specifically for salons, spas and solotherapists that combines the flexibility, style and ownership of wordpress with the convenience and ease of a guided DIY website PLUS all the support and tech help you could ever need for an affordable ONE-OFF fee!

Just plug in your info & images and link to your email service and social media and you are done! REALLY

OR go ‘VIP’ and get the whole thing done for you!

Finally, a gorgeous designer sector specific website that actually WORKS to win you new business! one you will be proud to show off, without having to sell your firstborn for or bang your head against a brick wall trying to set up!


 ULTIMATELY the best alternative involves getting yourself a self-hosted WordPress-based website. Most professional website designers and developers work on wordpress so this is what you get with option A above.

SO…….if you do this for yourself you get an affordable option AND gives you full control, access and ownership.

BUT…… can be confusing and tricky technically. It does take some tech ability to get it all set up and running, it is NOT guided or self explanatory like option B and you are also doing it all alone without anyone to turn to when you get stuck!


So, if the mere thought of setting it all up from scratch and figuring out how to “connect all the dots” so that it actually works and looks half decent fills you with dread, then we may have the perfect soultion for you! but who are we?

Hi, We’re Debbie & Neta



is our

I’m Debbie, a former holistic beauty therapist and business owner of 20 years. I’m now a Spa Consultant specialising in the Customer Journey and writer of The Spa Diva review blog. Your website is one of the most important first steps in the customers’ experience of your brand and KEY to getting browsing potential clients to become booking ones!

Below is Neta, a lifelong entrepreneur and creator of the amazingly successful whom I met a few years ago whilst building an online community and business club for beauty professionals. I had the first ever nohasslewebsite and was so impressed! I thought straight away…….

How amazing would it be to have a website solution like this but ESPECIALLY tailored for salons, spas and solotherapists!

So voila! we have teamed up to design and deliver a brand new ground-breaking website solution ESPECIALLY for you!

I’ve designed exactly what we, as hair, health, beauty or wellness related mutiple-service business owners need. And with Neta’s tech whizzy backup and amazing customer service SMART SPA website is the perfect solution to give you the BEST VALUE, DESIGN, FUNCTION, CONTROL AND OWNERSHIP in a website that you could ever wish for!


It’s the SMART choice because…..

 So if you’ve been thinking ‘IF ONLY there were a compromise’ – a blend of an amazing professional looking wordpress based website with limitless functionality, that you OWN AND can easily edit yourself.

  Well great minds think alike, because that is EXACTLY what SMART SPA website gives you! Even better we’ve gone one step further and already designed a layout, set up all the pages and installed the essential functional pluggins that you need!



Things you WON’T have to do if you buy a Smart Spa Website:


Learn how to build a website from scratch


Install your website on your hosting service


Install your wordpress ‘theme’ on your website


Install functional plugins on your website


Design the structure/layout of all your website pages


Understand or do any coding!


Waste time & money attempting to figure out how to create your dream website


Pull your hair out trying to “connect all the dots”


Figure out how to find and install your facebook pixel correctly on the right pages


Scream at your monitor out of frustration


Things you WILL need to do if you buy the

DIY Smart Spa Website:


Own or buy a ‘domain’ (ie. the name of your website) and direct it towards our ‘nameservers’  following our simple instructions.


Follow the easy instructions on how to connect your existing accounts & services to your website, for example, your mail service, Facebook page, Paypal account, Facebook pixel ID, online booking service etc.


Plug in your own text, images and content into all the pre-designed pages that are already built in to your Smart Spa Website (Home page, About, Services, Blog, etc.)


Bask in your own glory and tell people you created your own website!


OR the ONLY things you’ll need to do if you buy the

VIP Smart Spa Website:


Send us your logins, logos, favourite photos, price list / brochures and let us do EVERYTHING ELSE!


Show off in your fancy new website feeling chuffed about the great deal you got AND all the time you saved yourself!


A Complete WordPress Website

Everything you need in a website, from A to Z, is already included, all built on WordPress with the Divi theme: one of most popular, smartest and flexible themes in the world!

Functional Plugins to make your site do more!

We preload and activate the most useful plugins to give your site optimised functionality.

Free Installation

Installation on your hosting or ours, is free, you don’t have to do anything

Free Hosting & SSL

Don’t have a hosting service? Want to switch? Your Smart Spa Website comes with 6 months of hosting absolutely free (and only $9/month after that) + FREE SSL certificate!

Terms of Service & Privacy

Ready-made Terms of Service & Privacy Policy pages: just plug in your business information and you are set!


Pre-Designed Pages & Features

Just plug in your text & images to the pre-built pages all designed to suit mutiple-service businesses like salons, spas & solo-therapists.


Sell anything from your website – physical, digital or service – with this slick WooCommerce Shop that comes with your website

Customisable Branding

Upload your own logo and choose your own brand colours for your website.

Full Instructions

Step by Step Customisation instructions AND an evergrowing bank of Video Tutorials.

Photos library

Use any of our pre-loaded licence free photos AND/OR load your own favourites!

Online Booking Capable

Fully integrate your existing booking system OR link to an external page.

Built-in Opt-in Forms

Grow your mailing list directly from your website with these pre-designed opt-in forms that connect to your mail service easily.

Social Media

Social media sharing buttons pre-installed on all pages and posts

Landing Pages that Convert

Promote special offers online with a beautiful customizable landing page.

Thank You Pages & FB Pixel

Built-in Thank You Page for your Landing Page that already include your Facebook pixel to track the conversion and performance of your Facebook ads

SEO & Google Analytics

Improve your search engine rankings and analyze your traffic sources with built-in Search Engine Optimization & Google Analytics plug-ins


Technical Help Desk

Raise a ticket 24 hours a day for personalised support.

+ FREE Facebook Support Group Membership

FREE access to our closed customer only Facebook Group where you can get technical help, inspire and get inspired by other like-minded entrepreneurs and post querries for personalised help in the daily ‘tech hour’ live!

 VIP SITE with BONUS Competition / Giveaway Page!

PRE-LAUNCH special offer price £1699 just £998

for a limited time ONLY!

This all sounds great But…

Who is SMART SPA WEBSITE good for?

If you own a service based business that takes booking by the hour and want to create a stylish online presence that really works well to help you grow your brand and business then this can work for you!

Designed especially for hair & beauty salons, spas and solo-therapists but also great for holistic practitioners, aesthetics clinics,, nail technicians, lash artists, makeup artists, massage therapists. and more!

Smart Spa Website is for you!

Is this a WordPress website?

YES! Your Smart Spa Website is built on WordPress with the Divi Theme and Divi Page Builder, which means you can do pretty much anything you can imagine – add, remove, modify and customize any aspect and element of the look and content of your site, with a few easy clicks on your mouse. The basic modification/customization instructions are included with your website, and if you require some more answers, you can find them in our Free closed Facebook Group.

Is this a No Hassle Website?

In a way Yes! Your Smart Spa Website is provided by and is, in effect, a sister site. The initial website installation is provided by the nohassle team.

The unique design especially tailored for Salon, Spa and Solotherapists was created by Debbie Goodall, founder of Smart Spa Website and if you have a VIP build, branding or booking extras these are completed by Debbie &/Or the Smart Spa Website team.

The site templates look similar on the front page but DO varry in that the Smart Spa Website is more specialist and provides a range of different pages and layout designed  to better suit your mutiple-service based business needs.

Your customer care and technical support is provided primarily by the nohasslewebsite team in the form of their help desk and facebook group but you can ALSO get support and guidance specific to Smart Spa Website directly from Debbie & the Smart Spa Website Team.

Are there any ongoing costs?

Your Smart Spa Website price is a ONE TIME FEE and there are no ongoing monthly website fees or hidden costs.

The only other associated cost is your hosting which you are free to purchase anywhere. Any wordpress site will need hosting.

Included with your Smart Spa Website is FREE hosting for 6 months with After the free 6 months nohasslewebsite charge ONLY $9/month which is very competitive and just a nominal fee for the space your site uses on the server. You can switch to another hosting service of your choice at any time.

Nohasslewebsite hosting cost: Free for 6 months, then $9/month, cancel at any time.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you already have a website and domain and do not want them to be unavailable while we are working on your NEW Smart Spa Website we can host your new website on a temporary location and temporary domain and switch it over to your regular domain when it is ready. Cost: $15 one time fee FOR THE DIY website option only. This is included in the VIP build if needed.

Do I need to have my own domain and hosting service?

Domain – If you don’t already own a domain name, you will need to buy one through or a similar company. Most new domain names cost only around $12 /£9.99 or less!

Hosting Service – Your Smart Spa Website will be automatically set up on our hosting service. We offer FREE hosting for 6 months! and’s only $9/month (£7 ish depending on the exchange rate) after that OR you can switch to another hosting service of your choice at any time.


Won't my website look just like other Smart Spa websites?

The answer to this question is YES and NO. YES – because the overall structure and layout of the website will be similar to websites by other people who purchase the No Hassle Website. But really NO – because by the time you choose your favorite color scheme, or customize it to your own brand colors, change the text, content and images, and sprinkle it with your own unique touch, most people will have no idea it is “the same” website as someone else’s who also use the Smart Spa Website to build their website. Also, as popular as No Hassle Website may become, it is quite unlikely that many people will encounter your website and another No Hassle Website and concern themselves with any similarities. Click here to see Demos of our different color schemes, to see how that alone makes the websites look completely different! Also, check out our Showcase Page where you can visit some completed No Hassle Websites made by solopreneurs just like yourself! If you would like us to match your No Hassle Website to your brand colors, we do offer a Done-For-Your Color Customization service but please note that you CAN customize the colors on your own and the instructions on how to do it are included in the instructions of your No Hassle Website (however, you may find it time consuming and tedious, in which case, you may want to consider this Done-For-You option).



Can I add/remove/modify/customize any page on my website?

You sure can! While we believe we have created a website that probably fits 90% of the needs of 90% of service based businesses in this sector it’s proably impossible to create a “one-size fits all” website. So some small tweaks/modifications will be necessary to fully match your unique brand and needs and you can deactivate any features or pages you don’t need or wish to use straight away.

Your Smart Spa Website is built on WordPress with the Divi Theme and Divi Page Builder, which means you can do pretty much anything you can imagine – add, remove, modify and customize any aspect and element of the look and content of your site, with a few easy clicks on your mouse. The basic modification/customization instructions are included with your website, and if you require some more answers, you can find them here or in our Free closed Facebook Group.



How long will it take you to finish my VIP website?

Once we install your Smart Spa Website (on our hosting service or yours), we will be able to start setting up and customizing your website as soon as you provide all the information we request. Depending on how quickly we get your text and images we can produce a first draft of your website in as little as a week! But it does depend on current demand and the complexity of your requirements. We aim to complete all VIP installations in a maximum of 3-4 weeks depending on the speed of communications and whether you require many amendments. We also try to accommodate any urgency you have.

I am totally non-techy - can I still maintain my own Smart Spa Website?

YES! If you feel relatively comfortable around your computer and can follow instructions, you CAN manage and update your own gorgeous Smart Spa Website! There are built in instructions on your site to guide you through and tutorial video links show you exactly how!

Will it be tricky or hard? We as with all new things it may seem confusing at first but just stay calm, follow the instructions and carry on, you can do it!

If you encounter any issues or get stuck you can access the FREE closed Facebook Group (open to all No Hassle Website & Smart Spa Website customers) where you will find a large database of questions/answers already or Neta will tackle your question in the daily Tech hour live!

Or you can access the bank of instructional videos and raise a customer support ticket in the online helpdesk and the nohassle team will be happy to help you figure it out or fix it for you!

Do you offer a Money Back Guarantee?

With the DIY Smart Spa Website YES!

We want you to be completely excited, happy and delighted with your website purchase, which is why we offer a 7-day, no questions asked, money back guarantee. If you are unhappy with your Smart Spa Website for any reason and let us know within 7 days of the day we installed your website on your or our server, we will refund you in full.

If we installed your website on your own server, we will need to get access to your cpanel (hosting) again, and will uninstall your website (this will also delete any content/images you may have uploaded/modified since installation) before issuing the refund.

With the VIP Smart Spa Website you have a 48 hour cancellation window during which time if you change your mind for any reason we will refund you the full amount paid. After this time it is likely installation and customisation will have begun, in which case you will be charged a 50% cancellation fee.

Who will own my website?

You will be the owner 100%!! Whether you choose to use your own hosting service or ours, you are the owner of your domain, you will have full control of your cpanel (hosting) and you can move, change or do whatever you want with your website!



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 VIP SITE with BONUS Competition / Giveaway Page!

PRE-LAUNCH special offer price £1699 just £998

for a limited time ONLY!

 VIP SITE with BONUS Competition / Giveaway Page!

PRE-LAUNCH special offer price £1699 just £998

for a limited time ONLY!


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